Why Am I Here?

Ah there is a question that perhaps we will never know the anwer to.

More pertinently why are you here on this page is perhaps a better question. Best to leave existential crisis triggers for another day.

In short I have come to the conclusion that there are only two kinds of Human being.
My sort and the other sort.

Hopefully you are here by invitation, because you fall into that narrow band of people who are "my sort" it requires no other qualification.

So you have been invited then on a journey of discovery. From these pages you will be able to meet others folk of "our sort" the creatives, the dreamers, the artists and the just plain weird folk who like "that sort of thingFrom these pages you are invited to the Intrepid Birdman show an experimental style of radio presentation unlike any other. 

An  experience in binaural sound where music and humour are blended in an hour of  immersive alternative reality.