Intrepid Birdman Show

Like it was but Slightly Darker 

Journey with us now

Imagine for a moment, if you will....
A world in which all human experience was virtual. 

A world where you never had to leave the comfort of 
your own cosy dwelling, 
to experience any place on earth. 
Any thrill or excitement, any journey 
to any place in space or time. 
Where the sum of all human knowledge,
 was at your finger tips. 
A place where no imagined want, 
or need, was beyond your reach. 
How tempted would you be to go there? 

Well, that is where I live. 
Come walk with me now, to my world.
The World of the Imagination.

In the Cluttered Wardrobe of his Mind

Relax and enjoy an hour of, Uneasy listening. It's time to open the cluttered wardrobe, of the Intrepid Birdmans tormented mind.  Its not quite like Narnia, perhaps more like Alices rabbit hole. Listen to music you thought you knew, in perhaps a different way.. sometimes a version of a favourite tune differently interpreted, sometimes perhaps a slightly different mix... sometimes just a song you forgot that you actually liked, that doesn't get played anymore... sometimes even a genre of music you didnt think you liked. 
Our next Presentation
Our Programmes are uploaded weekly but our site is updated daily
please return as often as you wish but keep a soft towel handy.
Prepare for a Journey of the Imagination
Our dedicated team of  nonexistent entities strive constantly to achieve the very best possible experience for you.. Blending music and words like a chef might prepare a fine meal. You know all the ingredients but they were never served this way before.....

An (Acid) Trip Down Mammory Lane, return to 1986

Experience nostalgia before pulling that trigger, with our carefully chosen assortment of earlier confectionary...

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Psychiatry An idiots guide to the mechanisms of the mind

Head doctoring for fun and profit with the Birdmans DIY guide to Psychiatric Practice.

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Coming Soon to a Kasbah near you.

Enough Nostalgia already. The Birdman is back and this time it's personal.

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Beam me up to Episode 7 in HQ

What if the aliens got fed up waiting for us to visit? What if they came looking for us?

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Featuring “Dangerous” Dan Smith Episode 6 in HQ

Another Cunning Stunt. Be prepared for Dans most dangerous performance to date. Press here to join him. Rather like the Star wars saga, we began our series in the middle.This is Episode Six in HQ, for the high fi enthusiasts.

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Also Featuring Ethereal Eddy Insubstantial entity and radio announcer

The Birdman is back and this time it's personal. We enter a New era of Madness and Music as we plunge deeper into that space between the real and the unreal.

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Why Am I Here?

Ah there is a question that perhaps we will never know the anwer to.

More pertinently why are you here on this page is perhaps a better question. Best to leave existential crisis triggers for another day.

In short I have come to the conclusion that there are only two kinds of Human being.
My sort and the other sort.

Hopefully you are here by invitation, because you fall into that narrow band of people who are "my sort" it requires no other qualification.

So you have been invited then on a journey of discovery. From these pages you will be able to meet others folk of "our sort" the creatives, the dreamers, the artists and the just plain weird folk who like "that sort of thingFrom these pages you are invited to the Intrepid Birdman show an experimental style of radio presentation unlike any other. 

An  experience in binaural sound where music and humour are blended in an hour of  immersive alternative reality.

The Weird One


We try to keep this one from talking to people too much.

Ethereal Eddy

Insubstantial entity and radio anouncer

The serious one, he's a bit stand offish but he has a nice mellow voice. In all likelyhood trained on brandy and cuban cigars.

“Dangerous" Dan Smith

Insubstantial entity and radio stunt man

Nice fellow overall but cant keep a soap dish tidy. A tad quick with his temper and a very bad marksman

Invisible Vince

Insubstancial entity and journalist

We are not even sure if he's real but the girls like him. Drinks far too much furniture polish for a healthy lifestyle.

Major Lea - Explorers Club London

Explorer of dangerous places, White Hunter, founder member of the Explorers Club, adventurer and leader of men. Barking Mad,

Ernest Lea - Influencer and Gentle Persuader

Polar explorer, penguin fancier, poet, songsmith, Joss stick addict and twin brother of Frank Lea. The nice one, not nearly as sinister as his brother.

Frank Lea - Influencer and Occasional Enforcer...

Founder of the Marzipan Bathesphere Company. Mad bad and dangerous to know. Twin brother of Ernest. Together they form the collective “Frank and Ernest” now an expression as familiar to us as the “hoover” or the “biro"

Ginger Lea -Maker of Tea and Mischief

We think this one must have been adopted, about as popular as a bacon buttie in a mosque.

Snotty Lea - Nonconformist and Tax Compliance Consultant

One of the blank generation, dribbles a bit..

Tim Ed Lea

Nothing seems to bother this fellow, but then he has only 2 brain cells to juggle with.

The Recovery Position
After listening to the programme it is best to take a little time to readjust to reality. Stand up slowly, do not jump up or try to rush about. Some people find it easier to adopt the fetal position on the floor and weep gently for a moment before attempting to stand. Either way move slowly but with purpose, rehydrating will also help, but avoid strong drink. 

Take a moment to prepare yourself for your journey into the unknown Enjoy these great tracks from Beat the Drum and Syteria

Preparing yourself
Before listening to the programme it is best to prepare yourself a little first. If you are wearing a hat, take it off quickly and calmly, if you are wearing spectacles take them off first. Be sure sure to take a little nourishment first. Have a nice hot cup of tea by your side. Find a comfortable seat and elevate your feet. If wearing headphones make sure they are well fitting and comfortable for long periods of wear. If listening on loudspeakers make sure they are correctly set up for stereo and that your listening position is central, with your ears at the same hight as the centre of the speaker cone. Lower the lighting or better still light a candle or two. Remember you will be listening for up to an hour at a time so perhaps attend to any matters of toilet before seating yourself.  
Turn the volume to 11 and bolt the door and lock the cat flap. You should try to relax as far as it is possible.
Mind altering drugs are not recommended.
On This Weeks Show
Satans little Helpers
Time to Relax with the new Show
Our next Presentation
Our Programmes are uploaded weekly but our site is updated daily.
Please return as often as you wish but keep a soft towel handy. Have a nice cup of tea.
Our next Presentation
Our Programmes are uploaded weekly but our site is updated daily
please return as often as you wish but keep a soft towel handy.
Something relaxing from
the wardrobe to watch
That will do nicely thank you.
Our Latest Presentation
We have taunted you enough, Let the world go do its own thing. Slip into something less comfortable and bolt the catflap. Its time.
Relax and enjoy an hour of, Uneasy listening
  • Area 51, NV, USA
  • Underground Bunker 1

Just gently chill

Still on the edge of perception?
This Weeks presentation is here.!
Be ready for the next one on  Sunday at 7pm
Beat the Drum
Recommended for your further listening
If you  enjoy the shows, you are going to love these guys
How Is It Done?
As much as the words Artificially intelligent are used here, the programmes are still produced in the tradional way. The increasingly sureal scripts are voiced by Ai actors but still written by The Birdman. New Ai tools have allowed a greater degree of flexibility. New editing tools allow a kind of audio mixing we could only dream about when the Birdman shows were first made.
But its still all done by hand......

All the music tracks have been remixed sometimes amalgamated from multiple releases.
We wanted to recreate the experience of hearing our favourite music as if for the first time.

Clearer vocals, expanded dynamic range, sometimes a version of a track you may never have known about.... but more surprisingly.... 

Sometimes a version that didnt exist before.
All in uncompressed digital binaural stereo.
So use headphones for the best audio experience.