Preparing yourself
Before listening to the programme it is best to prepare yourself a little first. If you are wearing a hat, take it off quickly and calmly, if you are wearing spectacles take them off first. Be sure sure to take a little nourishment first. Have a nice hot cup of tea by your side. Find a comfortable seat and elevate your feet. If wearing headphones make sure they are well fitting and comfortable for long periods of wear. If listening on loudspeakers make sure they are correctly set up for stereo and that your listening position is central, with your ears at the same hight as the centre of the speaker cone. Lower the lighting or better still light a candle or two. Remember you will be listening for up to an hour at a time so perhaps attend to any matters of toilet before seating yourself.  
Turn the volume to 11 and bolt the door and lock the cat flap. You should try to relax as far as it is possible.
Mind altering drugs are not recommended.